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By creating different lines in Turia My Pearl, Turia, wants to give a more personal attention to her clients.
    - With the «Essentials» and the «Chokers» lines, she gives access, for connoisseurs and experts, to the best Tahitian Gems.
Her collections allows pearl lovers to reach very exclusive ocean gems from cast away farms with unbelievable colors & quality.

    - With her more «avant garde» collections of the «Organic» line, she allows women of all ages to wear Tahitian Pearls in a very chic and bohemian way.

Turia pearl connoisseur

She has introduce Tahitian Pearls in more than 100 prestigious windows of the world.

Tahitian pearl farms

The Polynesian pearl-farms are the cradle of the oysters that give birth to these south pacific ocean gems.


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